Wilson on the Lake - WilsonOnTheLake.com - by Sandy Estabrook - Flooding Update 7/7/17.

Durring off season when away from Wilson I set my Google Alerts for “Wilson NY”. This service provides a subscriber with an email notice on your chosen subject with any post that pops up in the internet. General we’d get one  every month or two. However during winter-spring 2017, I was receiving five or six a month! This due to the flooding  incurred along the shore of Lake Ontario which at the time of this writing was 3 feet above average! I know it doesn't sound like much if you are from Long Island with two 7 foot tides daily.

A Headline once seen:
WILSON, N.Y. (WKBW) - People in Wilson are already being hurt by the high water levels on Lake Ontario.  The Wilson Harbor is now mostly unusable because docks, slips, walkways and electrical equipment are under water.

In early July, Governor Andrew Cuomo graced the village with a stop at the Sunset Grill. A small gathering of members of "Lake Ontario Relief & Recovery", local politicians and interested parties were there to ceremoniously receive a contribution of 55 million dollars for home owners and businesses along the lake effected by the lake flooding and the heavier than usual winter - spring rains. Links and a couple images on the Governor visit are below.

It is not our intent to write about the situation in any great detail so we'll summarize including a few pictures I took in early June.

The two areas most impacted were erosion of the embankments of the lakefront property during stormy weather. And as you might expect if ones home is close to the edge that could spell trouble. The second area of impact was the low lying areas such as Wilson Harbor.  

The yacht clubs and residences that have floating docks were somewhat lucky. Still water rose above the bulkheads. One yacht club that had no floating docks, closed for the season! Homes on Sunset Island got hit from both sides, lake and harbor.

The fundamental reason for this havoc was; 1) above average rainy winter and 2) The purposeful slow evacuation of the lake’s water down the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Atlantic  to prevent flooding in Montreal.

It's easy to over look the fact that water from Lakes Superior, Huron, Michigan and Erie all flows down Niagara Falls into Lake Ontario and out the St. Lawrence.

Links, to the story, images & videos are here. Wilson NY Flooding

Harbor facing Sunset Island. Submerger docks of Wilson Yacht Club - closed for season.

Moyers Marina adjacent to Sunset Grill. Mike Moyer, whose family has owned the property on the Wilson Harbor since the 1920's, said he is losing money everyday for the use of his 45 slips.  He is also worried the rising water could reach a house on the marina property where his 96-year-old mother still lives.

Shops adjacent to Boat House restaurant.

Bluff erosion

Sunset Grill - Town's folks at Cuomo's Visit July 5th

Cuomo's Visit July 5th