The Greenwood Veterans Memorial Park was dedicated Memorial Day 2007. As the plaque to the left indicates, the Memorial’s hallowed ground, pays respect to Wilson’s veterans from revolutionary times to the present. And at the same time providing insight into the roll the men and women of Wilson played in the history of our country of which quite a few are buried in the adjacent Greenwood Cemetery.

The land and a great part of the expense was donated by a prominent Wilson citizen, the late Floyd “Red” Clark. The park greatly enhances Wilson’s public places and a worthwhile visit. It’s location is a block off Route 18 on Park Street in a truly magnificent setting of tall oaks over looking the grassy savannas of 12 Mile Creek leading to Wilson Harbor.

This writer was frankly awe struck by the tranquility and spirituality of the area.


Floyd Clark


Memorial Day 2018

Memorial Day 2018